Saturday, September 14, 2013

Road trip!

We spent our first night in our farmhouse - finally! Due to various nannying jobs, we were unable to stay there even though almost all of our stuff was moved in last week. It is wonderful! Waking up to the sunrise over the wide expanse of farmland and Mt. Rainier clear as can be to the south... it is a seriously amazing and peaceful sight. Here is a picture that Matt took of the first sunrise:

We are now in Coeur D'Alene, Idaho to watch my brother play football. Actually, we are watching his team play football, not him. Poor Andy pulled a muscle in his back this last week that he literally can't run. He can't even walk very fast. We have a history of back problems in this family (my mom, me and even Lizzie) so it doesn't surprise me. However, we decided to make the trip here anyway to watch the game and see Coeur D'Alene! The Spartans won this week - it was a fun and exciting game to watch.

Matt and I truly love road trips together. We've driven the 13 hour drive between Seattle and Utah over seven times since we've been married, as well as many trips from Salt Lake to St. George and Vegas, and from Utah to California. We have so much fun listening to books, music, talking and eating junk food. A lot of McFlurrys, beef jerky, oreos and gatorade....

Can't have a road trip without beef jerky!

Anyway when we made the drive here yesterday, we decided to listen to some TED talks and then discuss them. It was so fun! We listened to some amazing stories and then talked about them for hours. It made the five hour drive go by so fast! If you are looking for some short, interesting talks to listen to, here are the ones we chose yesterday:

A talk on a young woman's experience of hearing voices and how she's lived a healthy life with them: here.

A talk about our schooling system and how it kills the instinctive creativity each of us is born with: here.

A talk by a man who was on the plane that crashed into the Hudson River in 2009 and how he changed his life after that: here.

I love TED talks. I've especially started to watch and listen to them after I graduated from college - I have this aching desire in my heart to never stop learning. I want to keep that desire alive because I know that it will serve me well for the rest of my life. Especially as I start grad school on Tuesday! Yay!!

'Till next time :)

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