About me

I am Emily Hutchings Winn.

I'm so very happily married to Matt, and we were sealed in the LDS Seattle temple on March 10, 2012. 

I'm from Sammamish, WA.

I am currently living in Redmond, WA.

I work as a Registered Nurse at Pediatric Associates.

My hobbies include grad school at University of Washington (that counts, right??), reading great books, fitness classes at my husband's place of occupation, browsing the internet for endless time-wasters, getting outside to enjoy the beautiful pacific northwest, and attempting to maintain my skills in piano/violin playing.

Some of my favorite foods are chocolate, crepes, grilled cheese, mac 'n cheese (from Panera), pizza, and gelato.

I don't like heavy metal music, spicy or sour food, spiders, living in snow, confrontation, or people that are ungrateful.

I am the oldest of five children. I believe in gun rights. I hold a special place in my heart for those affected by childhood cancer. I believe in vaccinating. I love to listen. I believe in being a life-long learner. I love learning about other people's passions. I believe that there is good in everybody. I absolutely love being married "young". I believe in God and I know that I am extremely blessed.

ask, comment, or say hi! emilyhwinn@gmail.com

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