Tuesday, September 10, 2013


This handsome guy just got a job. --->

an AWESOME job!!!

He will be starting in two weeks as a personal trainer at the most "posh" gym I've ever seen, The Pro Sports Club

Matt loves to exercise. He cares a lot about people. This is the perfect job for him. Let me tell you how cool he is for getting to this point...

Back in May, Matt decided to get his personal training certification through a company called the National Council for Certified Personal Trainers, or NCCPT. He took the test in June, and passed with flying colors. As soon as he applied for this job at the Pro Sports Club, however, he found out that his certification wasn't valid. He needed to take another test - American College of Sports Medicine - and get certified though them before he could accept the job offer. PSC wanted him alright, but he'd have to retest first.

Oh yeah, and you have 10 days to take it. Because it takes a month to get the results back and we want you to start by then. 

So Matt ordered his study materials and waited and waited, and they finally arrived with 5 days to spare. Then he studied his little heart out. He was nervous. 

The night before his test, I was researching stuff online about the exam to see if I could find any info that would encourage him. Or give him helpful hints. All I found were forums discussing how impossibly hard this test is. How they studied for 6-8 months and didn't pass. How you need to literally memorize the book to pass. How one person even took it five times and still didn't pass (that would cost over $1000 dollars!!). Granted, most of the people that couldn't pass this test didn't have college degrees and not much anatomy/physiology education experience. Matt would be fine... after all, his Bachelor's is in this field! That has to count for something, right?!?! Hopefully.

So since I got all psyched out, all I could do was leave him alone to study, pray for him and let him know that I was proud of him. He took it and felt confident about it and we waited for 3 weeks to finally hear that he passed!!

Now that we have officially heard that he did great, he's all geared to start working in two weeks!!! This is such a blessing, since it's been SOOOO hard for me to find a job. 

Wait but you're a nurse?! You'll always have a job wherever you go!! Don't you know people at Seattle Children's?! I know a doctor that could probably get you a job! 

Yes, people. That would be true if I wasn't a new graduate nurse. That would be true if I was able to take the job that was handed to me from the pediatric oncology unit at Primary Children's Medical Center in Salt Lake City when I graduated because I had work and clinical experience there. But I didn't. And nobody trusts a new grad nurse around here, apparently. 

Except University of Washington's Nurse Practitioner program. I've definitely gotta hand them that one. Thanks guys!!

Probably one of the top 5 happiest days of my life.

In the meantime, I wait and apply, apply, apply. I attempt to network with people who have never worked with me. I try to talk people into name dropping for me everywhere I can think of. And I wait some more. My dad has always told me, "For every ten applications, you get one interview. For every ten interviews, you might get one job offer." I totally believe him now, except I think it's 1/100.  

Like I said, it's a GREAT thing I've now got a husband with a paycheck! I love him :)


  1. So proud of you little Brother! Hang in there Em! I know you'll find something!

  2. Em you are a treasure beyond measure! We love you so much...quit stressing and just concentrate on opportunities. There's no doubt in my mind that your will find that perfect job. I'm so thankful that you love my son! We love you and appreciate how supportive and helpful you are to him. Take care sweetie! And keep sharing....we love these updates! :)