Sunday, September 8, 2013

On football and farmhouses...

We love football. 

I like it mainly because of my spoiled, nearly-undefeated high school football experience at Skyline High School here in Sammamish. Watching the game is fun for me and gives me wonderful, nostalgic feelings. Also, I love watching my brother Andy play. 

Andy is #32

Matt is on a whole different level. He was a superstar high school football player in his hometown of Lompoc, CA - although he won't be the one to tell you that. He was recruited to play for the BYU football team and stayed there for two years before he decided that he didn't want to spend all his time in college playing football. Smart kid. But also a really cool, athletic kid. Anyways, any warm and fuzzy nostalgia I get from watching football is blown out of the water by how happy football makes Matt. Especially when we get to watch my brother!

So, last night Skyline High School played in the UW stadium against Bellevue High. Skyline lost (pretty miserably) but it was still a fun game. Andy got a lot of playing time and we are so proud of him!! As I am currently typing this, the Seahawks game is front and center in our living room. GO HAWKS!

Okay, now on to farmhouses. As I mentioned in my first post, we are moving into a farmhouse in Redmond, WA. Below are some pics of the house... before and after the elbow grease!!

Before pics:

After some work:

I will post more of the inside now that we have everything moved in after I can get back again this week. Matt and Andy have gone crazy with weedwackers, machetes and lawnmowers in the yard. Painting was by far my favorite part because it made the inside feel much more homey. 

The fun thing about this house is that it's brought out all of the "horror" stories of people's first homes as poor married kids. It's been humbling and hilarious hearing stories that make us so grateful for all that we have! Till next time :)

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  1. Hi guys! So good seeing you at the game last night and loved watching Andy/Stud!
    I love everything about your sweet house and especially how you both have worked so hard on it and made it special! That is the best!
    We want to come see it soon and bring you a housewarming gift :-)!

    Love you both!

    Greg, Tiffne, Ali & Noah