Friday, September 6, 2013

Numero Uno

Why hello there, Internet! I have put off starting my little family blog until now but our life has changed so rapidly over the past year and a half of our marriage that I feel it is time to regularly post some updates!

Let me do a quick catch up for all of you who are new or haven't seen us in a while. Matt and I were married on March 10, 2012 in the Seattle, Washington temple. It was a glorious, rainy, incandescently happy day.

We lived in Salt Lake City for about a year while we both finished up our bachelors degrees - Matt at Brigham Young University and me at the University of Utah. I took the NCLEX and (ta-daaa!) became a registered nurse. My passion is in pediatric oncology. I know that sounds crazy, right? Maybe another time I will delve deep into why I do what I do, but the short answer is that my younger sister had Leukemia when she was a toddler. That experience changed my life and led me to discover nursing as a calling I have in life. Matt has his degree in Exercise Science and is a personal trainer. He is a fitness nut and he knows how to push himself to work harder than anyone I've ever seen. He is also the best handyman, spider killer and beard-grower. 

This summer has been a big one. We moved to Sammamish, WA (where I grew up) so that I can start my graduate program at the University of Washington this fall. I will be studying to get my Doctorate of Nursing Practice in pediatrics to become a nurse practitioner, which is my dream. Matt is a Cali boy so I am constantly trying to convince him that Washington is the best place to be. Ever. We are here for  at least three years so that I can finish my program :) I have been a Husky at heart for most of my life and I can't wait to start school again in two weeks. I'm just a little bit of a nerd. 

Our latest news is that we have recently moved to a house on a farm in Redmond, WA. We live on 80 acres of green veggie plants and trees and get a fabulous view of Mt. Rainier out of our bedroom window. We have spent the last two weeks cleaning, repairing, mowing, painting and about any other verb you could think of to make a house better. We have received A TON of donations: bed, couch, dining table set, fridge, hutch, paint. If you are reading this and you gave us something... thank you!! You've truly helped us make our house a home. We are so blessed to live here and to make it our very own place here in the northwest.

More pictures of our house to come... I promise :)

So there you have it - who we are, what we do and where we are. I love to take pictures (however amateur they look) and I hope to be posting often. I am excited to begin recording our crazy and joyous life! If any of you have questions for me, please let me know. Till next post!

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