Saturday, September 28, 2013

My new friend Wiley!

Ah, I just LOVE rainy, gloomy Seattle days!! Today I dropped Matt off at work and then I was able to sit in Starbucks for a while to do some homework and drink one of my favorite hot chocolate-y drinks, all while watching the downpour outside. And we can't forget how much I love wearing my orange rain boots everywhere! Wonderful. 

Here are some promised pictures of what the inside of our farmhouse looks now - we've finally got everything put in it's place and hung on the wall.

Yes, we have a stuffed football on our bed - "Fumble." Those of you that know my husband will not be surprised :)

We just love our cozy home. It is a perfect place for us!! Here are a few pictures I took outside my window the other day:

And finally, I must introduce my new friend to you...

I mistakenly thought he was a fox... but Matt informed me that we have a coyote living on our farm! He comes here to hunt, and I've seen him almost every day this week! I think he is so cute. When I see him I totally stalk him and take tons of pics with my camera. Perks of farm life, I suppose!

Till next time... :)


  1. Love it! It looks awesome Emily! And I totally thought that was a fox too.

    1. Thanks! You guys will have to make the trek out to Seattle and see the farm one of these days :)