Wednesday, October 2, 2013


Yes, if you're friends with me on facebook (which is how most of you get to this blog), you probably know that this week I got a job. A JOB! After 4 months of searching, I have finally landed an RN job here in the Seattle area. I am beyond happy!

I get to work as a float nurse with a company called Pediatric Associates. They are the pediatric clinic that I went to growing up (and my younger siblings still go to). We love that place! They have seven clinics all over Bellevue, Redmond and Sammamish. I get to work 4 days a week and I am so excited that I get to work with kids. In my desperate job hunt, I've been searching for any RN job - so there was a very real possibility that I would be working in adult medicine. Not my thing. Go pediatrics!

Anyways, as far as "new grad" nursing jobs go, this is a pretty nice setup. I only work one weekend shift per month (that I choose), I work one holiday a year (that I choose), and no night shifts! Yay!!!! I was dreading getting a job at a hospital where I'd be the verrrrry bottom of the seniority chain and I'd be working three nights a week, every weekend and Thanksgiving and Christmas at the very least. 

Matt in his new work uniform. SO CUTE!

God's hand is in our lives. I am blessed to have such incredibly supportive friends and family, not to mention Matt, who all stood by my side through months of dead-end applications and frustration. You are all wonderful! And I know I will have many, many more lessons from upstairs on patience throughout my life... I don't think I was very pleasant while enduring this one. 

A beautiful rainbow over the farm yesterday. 

 Another note: this week I helped Andy ask his girlfriend to their homecoming dance by filling her car with balloons and writing a cute note and such... is this a dead tradition?! I have the feeling that not very many teenagers take the time/money/effort to "ask" people to dances in a clever and creative way. I think it is certainly more prevalent in the LDS culture, but I wish it wouldn't die out! I think it is so cool in that it makes whomever is being asked feel very special. It also takes a considerable amount of thought and planning - which are great for teenagers to practice, if you ask me! So I suppose I don't care if it's not a normal thing to do... as long as Andy is in high school and has bossy older sisters like Mallory and myself, he will definitely be getting direction from us on how to ask a girl to a dance properly and make her feel special. What do you think about this "tradition"?

Helping Andy get balloons for his homecoming plan

I hope you all have a happy Wednesday!! 'Till next post :)


  1. I'm so happy for you guys! You're being SO blessed! Even before I read to the point where you said that yourself I was already thinking it! Getting jobs that you will both love was worth the agonizing wait :) Love you guys!