Thursday, March 27, 2014

Celebrating marriage!

Hello, hello. Hope this finds you all well :)

Between school and work, we are trying to fit in some fun - as always! We celebrated our 2nd Anniversary on March 10th! My, how time flies. It seriously feels like just a few months ago that we were sealed in the Seattle temple and the whirlwind of our wedding day happened... but at the same time, I can hardly imagine my life without Matt. I am so incredibly grateful for Matt and our marriage. It has been really fun to watch almost all of my friends fall in love, get engaged and tie the knot over the past few years. To think that I've now become someone who is asked for newlywed/marital advice is so hard for me to believe, but that has happened quite a few times! 

It is so amazing that I have such a strong, faithful man in my life everyday, forever. He puts up with me when I'm selfish, tired, moody, clingy, sassy or otherwise hard to live with. I really got lucky with this one and I look back on my life in gratitude to Heavenly Father for guiding me in my dating years so that I would end up in the arms of my most perfect soulmate. No one can bring out more passion in me than Matt - whether it's laughing, excitement, crying, or love. He is the BEST! 

Okay, sorry for the sappiness... cheers to marriage and many, many more years of love, laughter, growth, fights, make-ups and adventure! 

To celebrate, we spent a nice weekend at a little french-themed B&B called L'Auberge in Woodinville. We had a great time, and even got breakfast in bed! The food was to die for... our hostess was seriously the best cook ever. 

Matt's almost-finished breakfast (3rd course). We spent some time writing in a "couple's journal" that Mallory bought for us. A fun way to remember our weekend!

Nothin' better than some Martinelli's and fresh flowers on your nightstand. 

My food. Almost gone as well... I couldn't stop eating for a picture earlier, it was too good. 

The lovely bowl we found in our room. This has kind of a funny story behind it...As we checked in, the hostess told Matt, "I really hope you guys brought some champagne, or at least some wine, for dinner!" When we told her we don't drink wine, her chin hit the floor. "AT ALL?! I've never met anyone that doesn't drink wine at all!"

Guess she's never met a mormon! Haha we told her we were LDS, and she didn't really know what that meant. When we said mormon, she goes, "Oh, like Mitt Romney? Okay." She wasn't nearly as friendly to us after that, but it's okay. We found it quite humorous that she was so off-put that we choose not to drink wine! And then we found this dish in our room and our new favorite saying is, "A dinner without wine is like a day without sunshine!" :)

Speaking of marriage... my sister is getting married THIS SATURDAY! I am so, so, soooooo happy for Mall and Tyler! I will take lots of pics and post about that soon!

Otherwise, I have been thoroughly enjoying my spring break (woohoo, two quarters down!) and gearing up to start my third and final quarter this year of my DNP program! That is so good to say. 

Hope you all have a great weekend! 

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