Thursday, November 7, 2013

Here we go again...

So, sad news: the farm has sold and we have to leave.
Good news: we found a place (in one weekend) to move that fits all of our picky needs!

We found a great, affordable town home in Kenmore, WA near Bothell. It only adds 10-15 minutes to our daily commutes and it seems like a fun location. 

The biggest bummer for me is that we moved into the farmhouse just two months ago. I probably jinxed myself because as I was unpacking in the farmhouse, I kept saying to myself, 
"I hope we aren't doing all of this work just to move in a month or two..."

Alas, here we are. I had my negative/pessimistic/woe-is-me breakdown the night I found out we needed to leave. Matt swooped in (like the super hero he is) and comforted me, held me tight and told me it'll be okay. Then we talked about all the great things this will bring for us.

-Heat in the winter! No more huddling by the space heaters every second I'm home.

-Neighbors! (a plus and a minus, I suppose) I won't be freaked out at night when Matt gets home from work late and I hear creaks around the house or have to run out to my car in the dark.

-Less actual/potential "really old home" problems: mold, mice, LOTS of spiders, plumbing issues, septic tank issues, moles, bad foundation, etc...

-Landlords and homeowners association to take care of stuff that we don't have time/money for.

-A year lease so that we know we'll be staying put for at least that long!!! 

We know that God is looking out for us. Although it is a HUGE pain to pack up and move again (especially with both of us working 40-60 hr weeks and me in graduate school), we are blessed to have been able to stay in a dirt-cheap home that allowed us to get our new jobs under our belts and get us on our feet. We are now able to afford a place, a new car soon (hopefully!) and Christmas, thanks to this almost-free home we had the privilege of living in for 2 months. I love looking back on our lives and seeing how we were always in the right place for us at the right time and how we are very well taken care of. We strive to remain thankful, stay humble, live a spiritually-centered life, keep working hard and always show our love for each other.

Have a wonderful week. Stay safe in this stormy WA weather and make sure you have flashlights handy!!
I will update about our new place as we move in :)


  1. Oh honey, I am SO sorry you have to move again! Moving stinks!!!! Boo to boxes! But you're right. You were definitely supposed to be where you were before now. Good luck and take your time getting settled in!

    1. Thanks for your sympathy, I know you can relate!