Friday, August 29, 2014

A race and a BABY!

Well, a lot has sure been going on around here! Some good news about us is spreading very quickly...

We're expecting! 

Baby Winn is due 3/3/2014. I am 13 1/2 weeks along... so close to the 2nd trimester! We could not be more excited for our little bundle of joy to join the fam. 

I have been very tired and fairly sick over the past 3 months, so I'm hoping all of that starts to fade soon. Other than that, I have had a great pregnancy so far! Thank you everyone for all of your support, we are very blessed to have such great friends and family to support us. 

A special shout out to my partner in crime... Matt has been absolutely amazing and understanding as I deal with all the pleasant and not-so-pleasant changes of being pregnant. He is such a wonderful husband and will be the best father. I am so lucky to have married such a patient man! 

Here is a cute (at least I think it's cute!) pic from my latest ultrasound... it's a view of the top of the baby's head and two hands. I just thought it was the most adorable thing ever so my midwife took a couple of pictures for me :) Little hands!!

Last weekend, we went up north to Vancouver with my parents to run the Lulu lemon half marathon! I use the word run loosely, as it means "run as much as you can but walk a lot" for a pregnant lady like me. But Matt and my dad actually ran and did great! I tried to train for the race and I was doing a good job until I hit about the 7th week of pregnancy and I just became too tired to run very much. But, it was a fun race, my mom was a good sport and hung out with me the whole time, and the course was beautiful! I would really love to go back and run it again sometime when I can actually run the whole thing! 

Here are some pictures from that fun and exhausting weekend!

Also, yay for my awesome parents... today is their 25th Anniversary! I am so glad I've got their example of marriage that always made me believe in true love. I love you guys!!

Have a wonderful labor day weekend! 

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