Sunday, February 16, 2014

Our Weekend of Love

Hope everyone had a LOVELY Valentine's Day! We had such a great weekend celebrating. 

I never really liked Valentine's Day too much when I was growing up because I never had a valentine. Now that I look back, I had it all wrong. I admire all the people who are not in relationships and they utilize this holiday to express love to everyone in their lives, not just romantically! My biggest valentine growing up was my mom. She really, really loves Valentine's Day. Her first date with my dad was a Valentine's dance in high school and she has gone all-out ever since I can remember on the holiday. I am so blessed to have such loving parents and such a good example of a mom who expresses her love to everyone in her life!

Matt and I have had some pretty great Valentine's Days, and this one - although it was laid back - was no exception. We both worked all day on Friday but were able to come home a little early. Matt had cleaned our room, turned on some music and set up the bed with a bunch of presents. When I walked up to the room, he was standing there dressed up and holding a rose for me. He is the sweetest!

I mean these orange/red flowers are uh-mazing. I love love love them. 

He got me this necklace that I am obsessed with... we call ourselves "Em & M" a lot so it is very fitting. He is so thoughtful!

I got him some go-pro toys and a Team USA shirt. We went out and ate pizza at our favorite pizza place in Redmond, Flying Saucer Pizza and watched a red box at home (I told you it was low-key!). 

I know this is blurry... only pic we took at dinner that night! haha

Yesterday we planned on going to the Glass Museum in Tacoma but the traffic was too bad, so we ended up shopping a bit and going to see the LEGO movie. It was a cute movie. I probably had too high of expectations after reading a bunch of reviews but it still is a really good movie. After that, we went to a little sushi restaurant here in Bothell. We love our sushi!

So there it is, our fun V-day weekend. It really is a treat for us to spend so much time together because we work so much. Any date at all is so fun!!

I've been struggling with some pretty bad back pain for the past 2+ weeks. I hurt my back on Christmas day and while that injury healed quickly, I re-injured it again two Saturdays ago. I was working out with Matt and he didn't keep his eyes on me while I was doing ball slams... apparently I was doing the squats/lifts all wrong and by the end my back was killing me. It was the same pain as before: really sharp on my spine, tension in my muscles all around it, and I can't sit down. The pain gets much better while standing or laying down flat. The problem is that I sit all day every day at work. So, needless to say it has been a pretty miserable last two weeks as I try braces, icy hot and meds to get me though my work and school days. I went to a doctor last week and he ordered some xrays. I'm going back to see him next week. I'm a little worried because in the past week or so it has not seemed to get better at all and I am really sick of all this pain. Meanwhile, I sit as long as I can and then take a lot of little walks. Hopefully it all gets better soon :(

Have a fantastic week! 

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  1. ahhhh, i love your posts! u guys are the best! i hope your back is better soon!!! xoxo