Friday, October 11, 2013

A family-craft-smoothie kind of week

I love living close to my family! I missed the last four years of not seeing my little munchkins very often (and they grow so fast!!). We are lucky enough to spend every Sunday at my parent's house, which usually consists of a Seahawks game, a delicious dinner and lots of fun. Last Sunday was a gorgeous, warm day - probably one of the last of those we will see until next June! We decided to go on a walk a park nearby. 

The two girls rode their scooters the whole time and the rest of the fam threw a frisbee as we walked... that takes a lot of coordination! A lot easier said than done. 

My dad also stole Lizzie's scooter. She would have none of that. 

"I'm a hungry bear! Roarrrr!"
How about some bacon?

We figured this would be the easiest way for him not to exceed the weight limit on the scooters. 

The exploring team, led by their fearless adventurer. 

These little moments remind me how blessed I am to have such an incredible family, and to live in such a beautiful area. 

Speaking of beautiful area, look at these sunset pics of Mt. Rainier out of my bedroom window!!! Fantastic!

Now onto crafts: Tuesday I got together with my great friends Lindsay and Chelsie for girl's day - lunch and crafts! Also, to hold Chelsie's precious new baby boy. I could not put that little peanut down!!!! I had a great time - we made fall wreaths, based off of this one on Etsy. I think they turned out super cute and it will look great on my door all the way until it's time to decorate for Christmas!

It was really easy and cheap to make - we got burnt orange colored burlap, cut it into strips and tied them around a wreath frame. Such a fun afternoon. I love it because it will last me through Halloween and Thanksgiving!

Alright, last thing. Sorry for this super long post!!! I've been doing a LOT of homework this week so I'm catching up on everything at once. My friend Celeste inspired me this week to try making green smoothies! My first one I made earlier this week tasted okay, but I made one this morning with a tweaked recipe and I loved it! Matt loves them too and we feel so incredibly healthy after having this for breakfast :)

Here is what I put in our delicious smoothies this morning (for one serving):
A generous handful of a spinach/kale mix
2 honeycrisp apple slices
1/2 banana
peach yogurt
a couple scoops of crushed pineapple
1/2 stalk of celery
1/2 tsp of honey
1/4 cup of water

Do you have any favorite smoothie recipes?? I'd love to try them out!

Till next time!

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