Thursday, April 10, 2014

Mallory & Tyler

My sister is officially Mrs. Tryon!

Mallory and Tyler were sealed in the Seattle LDS temple on Saturday, March 29th. It was such a beautiful service and such a fantastic day!!

Many of you know, their marriage has been in the works for 6 long years. 

This is Mall and Tyler soon after they met in high school.

Their wedding day was absolutely perfect. It was really fun to have the Texas Tryons in town and the Hutchings clan. We throw some pretty big parties when we get together!

We had a dinner the night before the wedding that Tyler's mom put together. It was so fun!

It was such a fun night!! 

We had lots o' pics the day of...

And now I've got, as requested, some fun bloopers! Best for last. 

Mallory can make creepy faces. 

Looks like the boys stole the fairy crowns from Whit and Liz... 

Wedding or a funeral? Difficult to tell. 

Grandma... you scared him!!

Sad about something. 

Me looking like an idiot laughing at this pic..............

And you understand why. She really WAS NOT bridezilla, but I thought this was a hilarious bridezilla-esque pic!

So there you have it... I love you, Mall and Tyler! So happy for you and can't wait to watch your lives grow together! 

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